Friday, November 26, 2010

My Journey begins...@SST

When I first realised that I could enter SST , I was extremely excited as I could learn in a very new and special way.I nearly jumped for joy when I first heard that extremely valuable piece of information. I immediately knew that the next 4 years of my life was going to be unbelievably enjoyable.
And when I saw the letter that confirmed my posting to SST, I was really happy as I could enter the school that I wanted to go to and I would be interacting with many new people.


It was nice to type blogs as I could express my feelings in any way I want. I think that this online diary can be a good way of writing down how I feel about anything at all.
Blogging can be a part of SST as if that day I was sick and I could not go to school , I can just check a student blog or class blog, and find out all the work that I needed to do on that day.


BENZ e280 said...

Hi Super Junior,
Welcome to our SST Family!


どもくん~! said...

benz, are you posting that on every blog? == hahaha hi junior, welcome to SST!! hope you have a good year ahead. s